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Executive Summary

In the years I had been associated with a creative arts center, I became personally and emotionally attached to every aspect of its personality. Indeed, it did have a personality, one that had become a living and breathing symbol of creative possibilities. It was a music school, a recording studio and performance venue. It was a place with books to read and where ideas could be discussed, rendered and worked out. The center has closed, leaving a void in an area of Evanston that necessitated such a facility – offering cultural creative arts within a safe, nurturing and accessible environment. There is a greater need now for such programs.

In addition to music, art and dance classes, this new center will offer further benefits to the community; imagine such a cultural arts center that includes a community media hub with an FM radio station at which individuals and groups can create and broadcast their own shows – from sustainable gardening tips to family stories as part of Evanston history, as well as current Evanston news and information, school sports, music concerts and special programming for the elderly and infirmed.

It can be the “third place,” after home and work – a term coined by author Ray Oldenburg for a special place in a community environment that facilitates and encourages wider, creative interactions with others. Indeed, it will offer many artistic outlets that could challenge as well as entertain, and inform as well as initiate curiosity. After all, creative pursuits and thought is the cornerstone of growth and progress. Some of us live for it, but our culture depends on it.

Creativity and the arts are not reserved for the few, but are for the many. We’d like to make that possible for as many as we can – through a new organization, the New Rhythm Arts Center. This organization will not only offer opportunities to pursue creative endeavors, but will also offer a fresh approach as well as positive challenges to enhance the nature of the human condition. Before there can be achievement, there must be belief in its possibility. The ability of the New Rhythm Arts Center to nurture an interest in obtaining creative arts skills will encourage students’ desire to hone those skills into very possible and achievable career paths. Using the arts as a gateway to the discovery of personal worth, responsibility and the desire to achieve, New Rhythm Arts Center will be a conduit for individuals to seek and focus on positive interactions, thus supporting deeper relationships that strengthen community.

Alicia O. Hempfling,
Interim Executive Director of New Rhythm Arts Center